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 Choosing a Chain Length for Your Gold Jewelry

Your style and the position you want the necklace to sit are aspects you might think about when choosing the ideal length of your chain. Even though these factors can affect your final decision, they are not the only ones to deliberate over. Different gold jewelry pieces have unique features you need to factor in. Here is what you should know when choosing the chain length.

Your Height

Your height influences the length of your chain. A 45 cm chain works for most women but for taller women, a 50 cm or 55 cm chain is preferable. For small pendants, a 40cm chain is ideal for average height women while 45 cm is suitable for tall women. If you have a shorter frame, the ideal necklace is one that elongates your frame. The chain should not hang too low. A chain between 40 cm and 45 cm will work in this case. You can opt for a chain between 50 cm and 61 cm if you want a longer one. If you have a taller frame, longer styles are ideal because they accentuate your height.

Your Neck

Measure your neck before settling on the chain length for your gold jewelry. Wrap a measuring tape around your neck to get a measurement. Add two inches to your measurement and that gives you the ideal length for a choker. An additional four inches to your neck measurement gives you a suitable length for a name necklace or pendant. 

Your Face

The shape of your face influences the length of the chain you choose. If you have a round or oval face, you can go for chains that elongate your face. A 50 cm to 61 cm chain is suitable for such a face. If you have a square or oblong face, a choker or shorter necklace helps to soften the sharp angles of your face. Short necklaces give the illusion of a longer neck. For heart-shaped faces, shorter necklaces also work well to help soften angles on the face.

Body Type and Bust Size

Your body type influences the length of your gold jewelry. Your bust size affects how the necklace sits on your body. If you have a large bust, shorter necklaces are preferable. Avoid necklaces exceeding 61 cm because they sit uncomfortably on your chest. If you have a small bust, long layered chains are suitable. Body types also influence the length of the chain. If your body is smaller at the top compared to the bottom, the ideal chains help to broaden your shoulders. Necklaces between 45 cm and 61 cm can help you broaden your shoulders. For athletic body shapes, any length of necklace is suitable but longer necklaces elongate the body more. Hourglass-shaped bodies blend with any necklace length. Inverted triangle body types go well with long necklaces because they shift the focus to the waist, drawing attention away from the broad shoulders.

Seasons and Occasions

If you are attending a formal event, short chains depict confidence and sophistication. Long chains that have statement pendants are suitable for casual events. The neckline of your outfit also plays a role in determining the length of your chain. Choker-style chains blend with cocktail dresses that have a scooped neckline but do not go well with turtleneck outfits. Crew necks or boat neck tops also blend with short chains or chokers. Conversely, long chains are ideal for bulky clothing, v-necks, or scoop necks.

Consult to Get the Right Length for Your Gold Jewelry

Although your style influences the length of your chain, other factors also come into play. If you are uncertain about what works for you, aspects such as face and body type can factor into your decision. You can consult a professional to help you choose the right length of your chain.

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