What Factors Make Scottsdale a Top Retirement Destination?

What Factors Make Scottsdale a Top Retirement Destination?

Have you thought of moving to a different place after retirement? Scottsdale in Arizona has become one of the most popularly chosen destinations for many retirees. It is the best city, allowing you to lead a comfortable lifestyle. From natural beauty to unparalleled luxury, different factors will encourage you to reside in Scottsdale for the rest of your life.

Incomparable Natural Splendor

If you love exotic natural settings in and around your house, Scottsdale is the perfect destination. Desert vegetation across the city will please your eyes and make you feel refreshed. McDowell Sonoran Preserve, Pinnacle Peak Park, and several other spots have the most welcoming environment. Besides, there are scenic foothills and Saguaro-studded hillsides to give you the ultimate delight.

Art and Culture

Your love for art will inspire you to stay in Scottsdale. The city has a big public art collection, containing a lot of portable works and public artworks. The city-owned buildings preserve cultural heritage for several years. So, many retirees who are enthusiastic about art like to stay in Scottsdale. You can also explore the Musical Instrument Museum, featuring over 5,000 instruments.

Moreover, Scottsdale Arts Festival turns the city into a place of creativity. The grand event draws many art lovers and artists from different parts of the world. You can join the artist’s community to learn about delicate painting and striking sculpture.

Different Live Performances to Entertain You

Scottsdale has a number of performance venues that host events throughout the year. The theater community in the city will amuse you with classic and experimental plays. The musical theater will capture your attention. There are also ballet companies that perform dance performances. Moreover, you can watch the shows of local talents.

Shop for your Essentials

Your daily shopping activities will be fun if you stay in Scottsdale as a retiree. From small boutiques to luxury retailers, there are several choices for retirees. Barney’s, Louis Vuitton, and Macy’s are some popular malls for shoppers. The vast collection in the stores makes shoppers happy. 

Healthcare Facilities

Most retirees know that the natural aging process degrades their health. So, they decide to have a health checkup regularly to stay fit. Scottsdale has several healthcare centers and clinics to care for your health. However, you must choose a place where you can easily access healthcare services.

A Tax-friendly Place

Your state tax bill depends on your retirement income sources. No tax is imposed on Social Security benefits. Although there are taxes on other incomes, they are quite low. You can also avoid inheritance tax, which is the biggest attraction to retirees.

Pleasant Weather

Scottsdale experiences clear skies and sunny days that make you feel pleasant. As most of the days are clear and rainless, the weather is favorable to locals and tourists. Retirees who love outdoor activities can live in Scottsdale.

So, these are some reasons for choosing Scottsdale for retirement. Explore the best places to live in Scottsdale, AZ, and make your retirement years more peaceful.

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