Most Common Types Of Domestic Violence

Most people think of domestic violence as physical abuse or causing physical injuries to the victim. However, there are several other types of domestic violence performed by an intimate partner and the family. These abuses impact you and your children. Therefore, knowing about this domestic violence is important. You must hire a domestic violence lawyer near me. This article highlights some common types of domestic violence. Here we go! 

5 Types Of Domestic Violence 

1. Physical abuse 

Physical abuse includes using physical force against the victim, such as slapping and more. All these actions cause physical harm and even death. Generally, felony enhancement is provided by most states in domestic violence cases. 

2. Emotional abuse 

Emotional abuse cannot be seen. However, it can destroy a persons mental abilities. It generally involves continuous mocking, insults, humiliation, name calling, and criticism. Generally, emotional abuse is caused in romantic relationships. In unhealthy relationships, emotional abuse is quite common. There is no tangible proof of emotional abuse. 

3. Sexual abuse 

Sexual abuse or molestation is another common kind of domestic violence where your partner forcefully has a physical relationship with you. Beside the partner, sextual abuse can be performed by anyone. It includes sexual assault, and unwanted sexual contact. At times, it may also result in pregnancy. 

4. Financial abuse 

Out of all the different types of abuse, financial abuse is the least common. It is referred to when one of the two partners restricts the other from completing their education or having a job. It also includes the dependence of one partner on the abusive partner to meet financial needs. The laws of financial abuse are restricted. 

5. Psychological abuse 

When someone intimidates, threatens, or causes fear within you, it is covered under psychological abuse. Some common examples of psychological abuse include:

  • Victim taking permission to talk to anyone. 
  • Not allowing the victim to leave the house. 
  • Giving threats to them. 
  • Emotional blackmailing 
  • Causing harm to personal property or pets. 

Besides these, there are several other instances of psychological abuse experienced by people.

Wrapping Up 

Domestic violence is experienced by millions of people every day. These are some of the most common types of domestic violence that you may experience yourself. In such a condition, you must hire a domestic violence lawyer to get justice. 

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