Rare Carat: Online Diamond Retailer

Rare Carat: Online Diamond Retailer

No matter if you pick out your diamond in person at the store or online, Rare Carat has got your back at every stage. Our goal is to make sure you feel confident about your choice. We get it, not everyone can swing by the store for an appointment, so we’ve made things easy for you with a handy guide on our website. It’s designed to walk you through the process of choosing your diamond step by step.

How To Find Your Diamond

Whether you are looking for engagement rings or other jewelry, the most important thing is to choose the right diamond. Let’s start by picking the shape of your diamond and the size you’re thinking of. You don’t have to be exact about the size at first; just get an idea of what fits your budget. Use our handy filters to narrow down your options. We suggest looking at diamonds with colors from D to F, clarity from VS1 to SI1, and excellent cuts for that extra sparkle.

Once you’ve looked through some choices, you’ll get a feel for how diamonds are priced. Try adjusting your budget to see how it changes your options. You might also want to fine-tune the size you’re considering.

There are more filters you can play around with to refine your search. Our experts have some suggestions listed above to help you out. Click on a diamond to see more details, a bigger picture, and even a 360-degree video if available. You’ll find all the important info about the diamond and a link to its certification.

Now, if you’ve got a diamond in mind, we’ll show you all the ring settings that match it perfectly. Or if you’ve already chosen your ring style, you can go ahead and buy the diamond and ring together.

As you browse, you’ll see different filters with helpful tips. For example, when it comes to color, we recommend sticking to grades D to H for a dazzling diamond that gives you the best value for your money.

Carat Weight

Carat is like the weight of a diamond, telling you how big it is. But here’s the twist: two diamonds with the same carat can look different sizes because of their shape and how they’re cut. When we talk about carat, we use the abbreviation ‘ct’, and just so you know, 1 carat is about 0.20 grams.

At Rare Carat, we suggest focusing on Cut and Color first when you’re choosing a diamond. Then, think about your budget to figure out the right carat size for you. It’s all about finding the balance that works best for you.


When diamonds are created, they sometimes grab tiny bits of other stuff that can make them look a bit yellow, brown, or green. But don’t worry, the higher the Color grade, the more clear and colorless the diamond looks. Picking a diamond with a good Color grade is key to getting that shiny, icy look.

At Rare Carat, we suggest going for grades D to F if you want your diamond to sparkle super bright and look really clear.


Okay, so most diamonds have these tiny imperfections called inclusions and blemishes that happen when the diamond is forming. Here’s the deal: diamonds with fewer of these imperfections have a higher Clarity grade, but they can cost more. Instead of aiming for the highest Clarity grade, think about getting a diamond with inclusions you can’t see without a magnifying tool. That way, you get a good balance between quality and price.

At Rare Carat, we suggest looking at diamonds with grades VS2 to SI1 for natural diamonds and VVS2 to VS2 for lab-created diamonds. These give you really good quality without breaking the bank.

When you’re buying a diamond online, it’s safer to go with VS2 or higher to make sure you can’t see any imperfections with the naked eye. In our stores, our experts check SI1 diamonds to make sure any imperfections won’t be noticeable when you wear the ring. It’s a bit harder to do this online, but with a VS2 diamond, you can trust it’ll look clean and shiny.


So, the Cut grade of a diamond tells you how well each little part of it has been cut. A top-notch cut means the diamond shines super bright and sparkles like crazy. That’s why the Cut grade is really important to pay attention to. But here’s the thing: this grade only applies to round diamonds. For other shapes, like squares or ovals, you’ll want to look at things like symmetry and polish to judge how well it’s cut.

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