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How to RingCentral Login

RingCentral Login is a leading provider of cloud-based communications solutions for businesses of all sizes. With RingCentral, you can make and receive calls, send and receive messages, conduct video meetings, and more – all through an easy-to-use interface accessible on any device.

To access all these features, you first need to login to your RingCentral account. This article provides a step-by-step guide on the different ways to login to RingCentral on both desktop and mobile.

RingCentral Login

Creating a RingCentral Login Account

Before you can login, you need to have a RingCentral account. Here is an overview of how to create one:

  1. Go to RingCentral’s website and click on “Try Free” to start your 14-day free trial. This allows you to test out their service before committing.
  2. Enter your email, and phone number, and create a password. This establishes the RingCentral Login credentials that you’ll use to login.
  3. Provide information about your business like name, industry, number of employees, etc. This helps RingCentral customize your setup.
  4. Select a plan based on your needs and preferred billing cycle. RingCentral offers annual and monthly billing cycles across three main plans – Core, Advanced, and Ultra.

Once you complete these steps, RingCentral will send a confirmation email with details to access your account.

RingCentral Login

Logging into the RingCentral Website

The RingCentral website gives you access to the full suite of account management and configuration tools. Here is how to login:

  1. Go to service.ringcentral.com
  2. Enter the email address or phone number associated with your RingCentral account credentials.
  3. Click on “Next”.
  4. Enter your password and click “Sign In”.
  5. If you logged in with your phone number, enter your extension number on the next page then click “Sign In” again.
  6. You will now be logged into your RingCentral online account dashboard.

From the dashboard, you can access all account settings, view usage details, manage users, configure call handling rules, integrate third-party apps, and more.

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RingCentral Login

Logging into the Desktop App

RingCentral offers desktop apps for Windows and Mac. Here is how to log on desktop:

  1. Install the RingCentral desktop app from their downloads page.
  2. Open the desktop app on your computer.
  3. Click on “Sign In”.
  4. Just like the website, enter your RingCentral email or phone number and password.
  5. If prompted, enter your extension number then click “Sign In” again.
  6. The RingCentral desktop app will launch, allowing you to make calls, host meetings, manage contacts, and more.

Logging into the Mobile App

To take your business phone system on the go, RingCentral offers iOS and Android apps. Follow these instructions to RingCentral Login:

  1. Install the RingCentral mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Open the app on your mobile device.
  3. Tap on “Sign In”.
  4. Select your preferred login method. The options are:
    • RingCentral: Enter your RingCentral credentials
    • Google: Login using your Google account
    • Single Sign-On: Login via third-party single sign-on
    • Express Link: Login via emailed one-click express link
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete logging in via your selected method.

Once logged in, you can start making calls, sending messages, and managing your RingCentral system on the go.

Alternative RingCentral Login Methods

In addition to directly logging in with your credentials, RingCentral supports other login methods for convenience:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO): This allows you to RingCentral Login using your third-party credentials from tools like G Suite, Office 365, and Okta. IT administrators need to enable and configure SSO.
  • Google Login: Instead of using your RingCentral credentials, log in with your Google account username and password.
  • Express Link: Receive automated email login links that log you in with one click. Enable via account settings.
  • QR Code: Scan a QR code on the mobile app login screen using another logged-in device to instantly gain access.

Managing Multiple Accounts

If you need to manage multiple RingCentral accounts, the desktop and mobile apps make it easy to switch between them:

  • On the desktop, click on your profile icon in the top right > “Switch Accounts”
  • On mobile, tap on “Settings” > “Switch Accounts”

Select the account you want to login to and enter the associated credentials. This saves you from having to log out and log in again.

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Resetting Your Password

If you forget your password, RingCentral makes it easy to reset it and regain account access:

  1. On the login screen, click on “Forgot password?”
  2. Enter your account phone number or email.
  3. Select how you want to receive the reset instructions – via email or text message.
  4. Follow the received link to create and confirm your new password.
  5. Use your new password to log in to RingCentral.

Getting Started After RingCentral Login

Once logged into your RingCentral Login account, there are a few recommended steps to get started:

  • Set your availability status and call forwarding rules.
  • Configure your voicemail, SMS, call handling, and notification settings.
  • Download the mobile and desktop apps to experience the full capabilities.
  • Add contacts, schedule meetings, activate phone numbers, assign extensions, and more based on your needs.
  • Review additional training resources like user guides and intro videos when you need help.

The different login methods available for RingCentral

Based on the search results, there are several login methods available for RingCentral:

  1. Standard login using RingCentral credentials (email/phone and password)
  2. Single Sign-On (SSO) using third-party credentials from identity providers like G Suite, Office 365, Okta, etc. This needs to be enabled and configured by IT administrators.
  3. Login with Google account credentials
  4. Express Link – One-click login via emailed links
  5. QR Code login – Scan a QR code using a logged-in device to instantly gain access
  6. Apple ID login (for iOS mobile app) – Use Apple credentials including Face ID/Touch ID

The recommended method depends on the use case. For individual users accessing RingCentral independently, the standard login flow using RingCentral credentials is best. SSO is ideal for company-wide access. Additional methods like Google, Express Link, and QR Codes provide added convenience in specific situations

So, RingCentral provides flexible login options to suit different needs – whether direct credential-based access, seamless SSO, or alternative convenience methods.

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Logging into RingCentral Login provides unified access to an enterprise-grade business phone solution. Whether via the website, desktop app, or mobile app, just enter your credentials to get started.

Additional login methods like SSO, Google, QR Codes, and Express Links provide added convenience. And managing multiple accounts is straightforward within the apps themselves.

Once logged in, RingCentral equips you with all the communication tools – phone, fax, SMS, meetings, etc. – you need to get your business connected.

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