8 Amusing Meal Packages That KFC in Patna Offers

8 Amusing Meal Packages That KFC in Patna Offers

From the very famous and ruling crispy chicken to numerous other varieties of burgers, chips, and munchies, KFC in Patna is a drooling heaven for chicken lovers. What adds to its beauty is the well-planned meals that bring the utmost satisfaction to all non-vegetarians. Let’s explore a whole big world of KFC chicken with the new and delicious introductions that Patna city has got for people!

A Cheezy Meal

Say cheese! KFC in Patna has introduced the incredibly cheezy chicken delight by adding Chicken Chizza to its menu. This stellar and unique delicacy has added an extra layer of cheese and veggies to its pioneering crunchy chicken pieces. Place your order, and there you go. You get crunchy chicken topped with cheese, spicy sauce, veggies & herbs. This is like a pizza without the flour base. Instead, you get a chicken base. Enjoy your cheezza!

A Crunchy Meal

Kentucky Fried Chicken has pioneered in the world with its crunchy chicken. You will get reminded of this with every bite of its unique crunchy chicken that cannot be made anywhere else. The secret recipe has made itself an all-time favourite to be savoured anywhere and anytime. It does not matter if it is KFC in Chicago or KFC in Patna; you will still find Hot & Crispy Chicken as its bestseller. So, every time you are thinking of eating lots and lots of chicken, you can always go for its bucket. It will never disappoint you.

A Dinner Meal

Are you not in the mood to cook tonight? Don’t worry. KFC has got your back with a perfectly delicious chicken meal to savour. For this, you can order Plain Rice Bowlz for a light feed or go for Popcorn Chicken Rice Bowlz & Wings Meal, Popcorn Chicken Rice Bowlz, Smoky Red Chicken Rice Bowlz, or Classic Chicken Rice Bowlz. These wholesome rice bowls include perfectly cooked rice with some amazing spices and juicy chicken pieces on top of the bucket. Reward yourself with the delicacy of these rice bowls.

An American Meal

Originated in America, KFC preserves a unique taste. This is why, the burgers are still the favourites, no matter if it is KFC in Patna or anywhere else. The authentic burgers with the soft and fresh bun, crunchy chicken filling, veggies and perfectly balanced sauces make the meal the perfect one to eat. Order the exclusive Zinger Pro Burger and Chicken Zinger Burger made of crunchy chicken, Mexican Habanero sauce, cheese, tomato & onion online. Make each dinner a celebration with KFC meals.

A Peri Peri Meal

Kids or adults, peri-peri masala is loved by every Indian alike. This is why people love to sprinkle it over everything. Considering this, KFC in Patnahas now introduced peri-peri chicken on their menu. To enjoy this spiciness, tanginess, and a perfect mix of flavours, you can order Peri Peri 10 Pc Chicken Strips & 2 Dips or Peri Peri Chicken 5 Leg Piece & 2 Dips from the menu. To satisfy your taste buds to the fullest, you will find the options to add more to your order.

A Munching Meal

How about grabbing some advanced version of popcorn for your snacks? This time, try out chicken popcorn in your meal and make your munching super exciting. For this, KFC brings you amazing munching options like Chicken Popcorn, including Signature bite-sized boneless chicken with special spices. If you are a true foodie and have an eternal love for chicken, then you must surely try out the lip-smacking chicken popcorn from KFC. It will make your movie hour fun, even if the movie is not so good. After all, your snack is good.

A Rolling Meal

KFC in Patna offers savoury, crunchy chicken dressed with flavourful sauces inside the unique chicken rolls. Visit online and place your order for Classic Chicken Roll and get a box of happiness delivered to your doorstep. The roll here is a street-style roll filled with single chicken strips, onions and spicy sauces, rolled in Indian bread. In fact, why have just one chicken roll when you can create a whole meal for yourself with the options of Double Chicken Roll & Pepsi Combo, Classic Chicken Roll & Pepsi Combo, 2 Double Chicken Rolls, 2 Classic Chicken Rolls, etc?

A Smokey Meal

Not many people like chicken to be mild. Some people enjoy fiery, spicy, and wholesome flavours soaked well in that one piece. To satiate these cravings to the fullest, KFC in Patna has dedicated a whole range to smokey chicken. Just head online and explore the menu of Grilled Smoky Red Chicken in quantities you demand. Whether you want to order it for yourself or your loved ones, there are options for all.

From a tender ride of cheezy flavours to a rollercoaster ride of smokey flavours, KFC in Patna has got it all for people with a diversity of taste buds. For all your moods, just head online to Swiggy, showcasing the nearest KFC junction where you can spot these dishes. Place your order online and get the bucket of a chicken delicacy delivered warm and fresh to your home. Also, Swiggy is full of discounts and offers. Try your luck and try to get the most at the best price. Have a happy feast!

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