Barrier Packaging and What It Can Do For Your Product

Barrier Packaging and What It Can Do For Your Product

Figuring out the right packaging for a new food product can be difficult because you need to balance features like shelf stability and cost against issues like the ability to display your branding and meet legal requirements for disclosures like nutritional information and ingredients. That is why barrier packaging has been becoming more popular, though. It manages to bring everything together to deliver on all points for many food companies.

Oxygen & Moisture Barrier

When you use barrier packaging for your products, you show the customer that you are as committed as possible to freshness because it is evident from the moment your product is spotted that you have set up an oxygen and moisture barrier. Whether you use single-use films for individual servings or resealable options for bulk packaging, the total barrier between your product and potential sources of spoilage means customers can count on freshness every time they open the bag.

This not only helps keep your product fresh, it also helps with issues like scent containment. For aromatic products like coffee, that can be an important consideration as well. The scent of fresh coffee is attractive, but it can permeate a bag and get picked up by paper products and other porous goods.

Stand Out On The Shelf

Freshness preservation does not have to come at the expense of your branding or your ability to attract customers on-site when your product is in stock. The surfaces of packaging options like mylar bags are totally printable, and today’s digital printing options allow for full-color reproduction with a high level of detail.

That means you can show your company colors, display product photos and graphics, and include text and data elements like ingredients and nutritional information. The unique shape and custom sizes available allow you to make an impression in any space, with any size you sell.

Minimize Waste

Packaging options like stand up pouches are also good for minimizing waste, which has a variety of benefits. Not only does it help you communicate an ecologically conscious, environmentally responsible position to potential customers, but it can also help you save money. One of the hidden benefits of minimizing the amount of packaging you need for a product is trimming costs.

Many traditional packaging methods involve layers that include air packing in plastic, boxes, and film sealants or blister packaging. New barrier packaging methods that use recyclable materials reduce your supply line to a single item while providing superior protection from hazards and sources of spoilage.

Custom Packaging for Your Products

These packaging options are made to suit your needs, with customizable sizes and add-ons like degassing valves or resealability. Now is the time to upgrade your packaging so that your products stand out, sell more, and cost less to produce. The only question that remains is which option works best for the goods you’re producing right now. The answer can change from one product to the next or even one size to the next, but often the same supplier can be used for everything you need. Start browsing options for your next packaging supplier today.

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