Elkmont Station Photos

Elkmont Station Photos, Review, and Menu with Prices

Welcome to Elkmont Station, a place where food meets art. This post will guide you through the restaurant’s offerings, from their mouth-watering menu to their hand-crafted drinks. Also, you will get the eye-grabbing Elkmont Station Photos which shows the cherished moments of people eating and celebrating.  

Elkmont Station Photos

When you step into Elkmont Station, you can’t help but notice the walls covered in pictures. Each one tells a special story, like a snapshot of the wonderful place. One big photo near the entrance shows the busy kitchen, where chefs cook delicious dishes. It’s like getting a sneak peek behind the scenes, where all the magic happens.

Elkmont Station Photos

Elkmont Station Photos Menu with Prices

At Elkmont Station, the menu has something for everyone, with a nice variety of dishes. What’s cool is they show pictures of each dish, so you can see exactly what you’re getting before you order. Below you can check their offering in detail along with the updated price. 

Ribeye Steak Frites*12 oz. ribeye steak, parmesan truffle fingerling frites, broiled asparagus$49
Aged Filet Mignon*7 oz. aged filet mignon, potatoes lyonnaise, roasted broccolini$45
Springer Mountain Farms Roasted ChickenRoasted chicken breast, pommes purée, garlic green beans, chicken jus$26
Shrimp and GritsShrimp and andouille sausage, served with red-eye gravy$26
Bone-In Grilled Pork ChopSweet tea-brined pork chop, butternut squash purée, crispy brussels sprouts, brandy cream reduction$32
Roasted Carolina TroutRoasted trout, sweet corn and okra purloo, garlic green beans, citrus herb butter$24
Crispy Skin Broiled Salmon*Faroe Island salmon, ratatouille, red pepper beurre blanc$28
Short Rib GnocchiRicotta gnocchi, braised beef short rib, aromatic tomato ragout$32
Coq au VinChicken thigh in red wine sauce, served with carrots, wild mushrooms, pommes purée$24
Braised Lamb ShankBraised lamb shank, creamy polenta, mushroom bordelaise, mint gremolata$48
Maple Leaf Farms Duck BreastPan-seared duck breast, smoked cheddar grits, braised collard greens, cherry compote$34
Pappardelle BologneseHandmade pappardelle pasta, ground short rib, mirepoix, aged parmesan$23
Cacio e PepeHandmade spaghetti pasta, aged parmesan, ground black pepper$23
Low Country BouillabaisseFingerlings, hominy, mussels, scallops, white fish, served in aromatic broth$28

Starters Menu

Cheese BoardArtisan cheeses, toasted baguette, mostarda, local honey$16
Seared ScallopsScallops served with johnny cakes, brandied apples, bacon cream$17
Smoked Chicken Egg RollsSmoked chicken, collards, hominy served in egg rolls$14
Pimento Cheese FrittersPimento cheese fritters served with celery and red pepper jam$11
Hickory Smoked Spare RibsSmoked spare ribs served with white Alabama barbecue sauce$13
Tempura Fried Green BeansTempura fried green beans served with roasted chili aioli$9
Smoked Cheddar Hush PuppiesSmoked cheddar hush puppies served with roasted poblano aioli$8
French Onion SoupFrench onion soup made with Spanish onions, sherry, and gruyère cheese$8
Creole Smoked Fish DipSmoked fish dip served with toasted baguette$9
Duck Confit CroquettesDuck confit croquettes served with béchamel, fresh herbs, and onion soubise$15

Salad Menu

Roasted BeetRoasted beet salad with noble springs chèvre, caramelized fennel, pistachio, apple, burnt orange vinaigrette$11
Kale Caesar SaladKale Caesar salad with house-made cornbread croutons, parmesan, fried capers, lemon-garlic vinaigrette$11
Southern PeachSouthern peach salad with pickled peaches, roasted peppers, bleu cheese crumbles, pecan praline, bleu vinaigrette$9
Wedge SaladWedge salad with boston bibb lettuce, roasted grape tomatoes, crispy country ham, bleu cheese crumbles, balsamic reduction, pickled red onion, bleu vinaigrette$10
Elkmont Station Photos

Dessert you can enjoy at Elkmont Station 

Let’s talk about desserts, they are simply tender and delicious. Just seeing photos of the creamy cheesecake and rich chocolate mousse will make you want to grab the whole.

What Elkmont Station is Serving

This resort located at 103 S Campbell Station Rd, Knoxville, TN 37934 is the best in its offerings and satisfies all the customers fully like the Playland of Aiken.

  • Hand Crafted Drinks

Elkmont Station has some really special drinks. Talented bartenders make each one by hand, using fresh stuff to make lots of different flavors. They’ve got classic cocktails and newfangled mocktails, so everyone can find something they like.

  • Evolving Menu

Elkmont Station’s menu is always changing, which is pretty cool. The chefs like to keep things fresh and interesting, so they switch things up often. That means every time you go, there’s something new and tasty to try.

  • Quality Ingredients

At Elkmont Station, they really care about quality. They make sure to use top-notch stuff in all their food. They pick out the best veggies from nearby farms and use really good meat. You can taste the difference in their food, which makes eating at Elkmont Station super enjoyable.

  • Effective Community

Elkmont Station often holds events and helps out local causes. When you eat at Elkmont Station, you’re not just having a meal, you’re also helping your community. This feeling of togetherness is what makes dining at Elkmont Station special and meaningful.

Elkmont Station Timing

DayOpening HoursClosing Hours
Mon4:30 PM9:00 PM
Tue4:30 PM9:00 PM
Wed4:30 PM9:00 PM
Thu4:30 PM9:00 PM
Fri4:30 PM10:00 PM
Sat4:30 PM10:00 PM
Sun10:00 AM2:00 PM

FAQs About Elkmont Station Photos

You can give them a call at (865) 288-3405.

Below are some of the drinks offered at Elkmont Station are:

  • Elkmont Old Fashioned
  • Wonderland
  • The Appalachian Club Paloma
  • Greenbrier’s Dylan
  • Boxcar Bloody Mary
  • Little River Caprese Martini

Why Elkmont Station is a Must-Visit

Elkmont Station photos show the joy of that wonderful place. They make special drinks, change up their menu, use good ingredients, and are involved in the community. So, if you love food or just want a chill place to hang out, Elkmont Station is awesome.

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