Why Rent a Car When Visiting Dubai?

Why Rent a Car When Visiting Dubai?

Going to Dubai, many travelers think about what way to get around the city is worth choosing. In this metropolis, there is public transportation such as comfortable buses, and you can also call a cab. However, more often tourists and business travelers prefer to choose a service of car renting when visiting Dubai. Let’s see why.

Convenience of Car Rental in Dubai

Renting a car in Dubai is advantageous, especially if you need to travel a lot within the city and around the emirate:

Car rental is an opportunity to have complete freedom of movement around Dubai. You will be able to visit your favorite places at any time and make stops at your own discretion. You can independently plan all your city tours on a convenient schedule, rather than adjusting to other people.

There are a huge number of places to visit in the Emirates, and it will be much easier to do it with a rented car. In addition, many travel agencies impose unnecessary services on their clients, and they also devote too little time to seeing important sights.

Prices for city tours are not always reasonable, so it’s much more profitable to rent a car and visit tourist sites independently.

The cost of renting a car in the Emirates is quite acceptable. You should also remember that gasoline in the UAE is very cheap.

Even not very experienced drivers will have no problems moving around Dubai, as there are perfect roads everywhere and a well-developed driving culture. Local traffic rules are intuitive. Driving here is easy and safe.

  • The crime rate in the country is very low, so you can not be afraid to leave your car unattended.
  • Cars for rent in the UAE are in excellent condition, most of them are brand new.
  • Most of the local hotels offer free parking spaces for their guests. There are free parking lots in the city as well.

Luxury and Comfort

The point is not only that prestigious cars make any trip as comfortable as possible, but also that they also give an impression of wealth and mystery. Usually, the safety features of elite cars are far superior to the safety systems of economy cars. This means a higher level of protection for both driver and passenger in case of an accident, however unlikely. Also, premium cars often use the latest technologies — satellite navigation, voice control, cruise control and many other helpful features. Business travelers, particularly, are more than happy to take advantage of the benefits of luxury rental cars. Brands such as Rolls-Royce and Bentley help to impress clients and help sign crucial contracts.

Exploring Dubai’s Attractions

The UAE boasts an incredible variety of attractions from modern cities to stunning natural landscapes that are difficult to reach by public transportation. Traveling around the UAE by car gives you the opportunity to see and experience it all. Whether it’s driving through the bustling streets of Dubai, traveling to the beautiful Liwa Desert or visiting the many hidden gems along the way, an exciting road adventure awaits.

Spend a day at Dubai Parks and Resorts. It’s a huge family entertainment complex 20 km from the center of Dubai. If you only have time for a day trip, head straight here. It includes many theme parks, water parks, museums, attractions, malls, shopping centers and much more. There’s a 15,000 butterfly garden and a marvelous botanical garden with extravagant displays, including the largest flower clock in the world. Nearby is IMG Worlds of Adventure, the world’s largest indoor theme park with Marvel and Cartoon Network characters. Kids will especially enjoy Legoland, while adults will love Dubai Autodrome. You can also check out the Global Village multicultural center, where you can taste food from all over the world and buy souvenirs.

Legacy and Prestige

The United Arab Emirates is home to some of the most luxurious and exotic cars in the world. Dubai, in particular, is known for its lavish lifestyle and luxury cars. If you’re looking to rent or buy a supercar in Dubai, here are two of the most popular options:

Lamborghini Aventador. It’s one of the most popular supercars in Dubai. Its sleek and stylish design is sure to attract attention, and its powerful engine will get you from point A to point B in record time. With a top speed of 350 km/h, this car is not for the faint of heart.

458 Ferrari Italia. Another popular choice amongst luxury car renters and buyers in Dubai. This sleek, stylish and powerful car is sure to attract attention when driving around the city. With a top speed of 325 km/h, this car is perfect for those who want a luxurious and fast car.

Style and Design

Lamborghini is one of the most stylish supercars on the market, with an aggressive design that is sure to catch the eye. Ferrari, on the other hand, is also incredibly stylish, but with a gentle design.

Performance and Power

You can feel the breed with Ferrari. Start with a slight slippage, although there is a feeling that the car itself is trying to keep the situation under control. Because of this, it loses a bit of sharpness on acceleration. But then happiness comes: the car is perfectly controlled, enters corners, holds the road. At the same time, fuel consumption is relatively reasonable: about 12-13 liters per 100 km.

Lamborghini has very sharp acceleration, but at a speed above 220-240 km/h behaves unpredictably, the car starts to throw. On Dubai roads it’s possible to accelerate up to 322 km/h, and it is on the 6th gear (there is also 7th gear). Everything is in full order with controllability: the car “irons” the highway, as if you go no faster than 100 km/h. The fuel consumption is naturally high — well over 20 liters per 100 km.

How to Choose The Right Car?

Renting a car for business travel in Dubai is very convenient. However, there are a few tips that you should be aware of in order to make a favorable deal.

Beware of business car rental scams 

There are various types of car rental scams: hidden fees, inflated prices and large deposits that can be difficult to recover. Choose trusted companies such as https://rent.cars with transparent pricing policies to avoid the risk of being scammed. Take time to do your research, read the terms and conditions carefully and check the total cost before signing a rental agreement.

Get insurance with comprehensive coverage

You need to have an insurance plan that protects you from potential problems while renting a car for business. Carefully read the insurance policy and understand the coverage it provides. Make sure you know all the terms and conditions and will not pay for possible losses. Compare insurance plans so that you don’t pay extra for unnecessary coverage. 

Check the condition of the car

Rental companies check the condition of cars before handing them over to customers and after handing them over. However, sometimes damages can be missed. It’s better to check the car’s exterior, interior, functionality and fuel level before you check out. If you find dents, scratches or other visible damage, report it to the counter. Consider documenting the inspection process and taking photos.

Prioritize your needs when choosing a vehicle 

Determine the most important things for your driving needs; whether you’re looking for a brand new model, reasonable options, a large trunk, or other specific features. Filter the cars according to your key priorities to find the perfect match. Decide on the length of your lease to take advantage of long-term offers. 

Rent a vehicle that can withstand the climatic conditions of Dubai 

When renting a business car in Dubai, make sure that it is equipped with a powerful air-conditioning system to control the climate and run for a long time. During the winter season, Dubai has foggy days that make visibility difficult. To drive safely in such conditions, rent a car equipped with proper lighting. Make sure the windshield wipers are working well, do not speed and follow safety precautions.


1. Are premium class cars common in Dubai?

Yes. Dubai is a place where you can see a large number of luxury business cars on the roads. The reasons for this are the city’s car culture, lower taxes, business lifestyle and affordability of car rentals. 

2. How much does it cost to rent a business car in Dubai?

On average, the cost of renting a business car in Dubai can range from AED 300 to AED 2,500 or more.

3. What do I need to rent a business car?

To rent a business car in Dubai as a visitor, you will need a passport, travel visa, your country’s driver’s license and an international driving license. Locals can rent a car with a UAE driver’s license and an ID card or resident visa issued by Emirates.

4. Is it possible to rent locally?

Renting a car from local rentals is a real option. You can discuss the deal, pay in cash, or even haggle to get a lower price or a higher class of car. However, there are also disadvantages: there will certainly be a limited number of cars available (and, perhaps, not in the best condition), there is a risk of running into not too honest renters. So, you should carefully read the contract, clarify all doubtful points, fix on photo and video even the slightest damage before renting and do not fall for verbal promises to “fix” everything when returning the car.

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