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Are you curious about the life and legacy of Stacy Stover? The one digging into her biography, her famous books, and the details surrounding her untimely death? Look no further. Our comprehensive article provides all the information you are searching for about Stacy Stover, from her personal life to her professional achievements.


Breaking the Ice | Is Stacy Stover Author no More With us?

I am trembling writing that Stacy Stover passed away on February 28, 2024, in Massachusetts, United States, after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. Her death has left us all in grief, not only is her family impacted but the dark has fallen in the literary world. 

Stacy was not just an accomplished author but also a beloved wife and mother, whose legacy continues to inspire. In this article, we will look into the details of her life, career, and the impact she made on those who knew her.

How Stacy Wakefield, wife of the late Red Sox knuckleballer Pass?

Stacy Wakefield, who was famous as the wife of the late Red Sox knuckleballer Tim Wakefield, passed away on February 28, 2024. She had been fighting a tough battle against pancreatic cancer. Despite the challenges, Stacy showed incredible strength and grace, just as she did throughout her life. 

Her loss has deeply affected her family, friends, and fans. During this hard time, her family has asked for privacy, but they are very thankful for the support and kind messages they have received from the community.

  • Family Statements

It was a tough time for Stacy’s family, so many heart-wrenching statements have been made by them, you can have a look at them:

Boston Red Sox announced:

It is with deep sadness that we share that our beloved mother, daughter, sister, niece, and aunt, Stacy, passed away today at her home in Massachusetts,” a statement shared by the Red Sox on behalf of Stacy’s family read. “She was surrounded by her family and dear friends, as well as her wonderful caretakers and nurses.”

“The loss is unimaginable, especially in the wake of losing Tim just under five months ago. Our hearts are beyond broken”

Also, the family said:

We will remember Stacy as a strong, loving, thoughtful, and kind person, who was as down-to-earth as they come. We feel so lucky to have had her in our lives, and we take comfort in the fact that she will be reunited with Tim, the love of her life.”

Overview of Stacy Stover Writer

Stacy Stover was born on May 14, 1972, in Boston, Massachusetts. Ever since she was young, she loved telling stories. As she grew up, this passion turned into a successful career as a writer. 

Stacy had a special talent for creating interesting and relatable characters and weaving intriguing stories. People loved her books, and she became well-known among other famous authors. Her writing touched people’s hearts and made her a cherished part of the literary world.


Biography of Stacy 

Stacy Stover, who was born in Boston, Massachusetts, with time she became famous as an author. She pursued her education in literature, which laid the foundation for her successful writing career. People loved her stories because they were touching and interesting.

  • Husband

Stacy was married to Tim Wakefield, the renowned Red Sox knuckleballer from 2002- 2023. A few months after Stacy’s death Mister Tim died of severe brain damage. unique pitching style and significant contributions to the team’s success made him a beloved figure in baseball. 

  • Kids 

Stacy and Tim had two children, a son and a daughter. Their son, Trevor, was born in 2004, and their daughter, Brianna, was born in 2005.

  • Height and Weight

Stacy Stover’s exact height and weight were not public knowledge because she chose to live a low-key profile.

  • Date of Birth 

Stacy Stover was born on May 14, 1972. Each year, she celebrated her birthday with family and friends, this year she will be missed.

  • Death

Stacy Stover passed away on February 28, 2024, after a valiant battle with pancreatic cancer.

Stacy Authors Famous Books

Stacy Stover wrote some really famous books that touched people’s hearts. Her stories are known for being emotional, with lots of interesting details. Here are a few of her most well-known books:

  • Echoes of the Past

This exciting novel is about family secrets and how people can find peace and understanding by facing their past.

  • Whispers in the Wind

It’s a touching story about love and loss. The main character struggles after her partner unexpectedly dies, but she finds the strength to keep going.

  • Silent Reflections

This book is a collection of essays. Stacy writes about life’s complicated feelings and the quiet battles people fight every day.

  • Fragments of the Heart

In this emotional novel, Stacy explores how our hearts can be both fragile and strong. The story weaves together the lives of different characters, each dealing with their own challenges.

  • The Lasting Echo

This novel is about a woman who goes back to her childhood town. She uncovers hidden memories and secrets, and the past still has a big impact on her life today.

Net Worth of Red Sox knuckleballer Wife Stacy

Stacy Stover’s net worth was estimated to be around $10 million at the time of her passing. Her financial success was a result of her prolific career as an author, where her books gained worldwide popularity.

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Stacy Stover Social Profiles

Stacy was active on social media, where she shared moments of her life and work with her followers. Her official profiles include:


How old are the Wakefield children?

His son, Trevor, was born in 2004, and their daughter, Brianna, was born in 2005.

What did Curt Schilling say about Tim Wakefield?

Curt Schilling, a former teammate of Tim Wakefield, expressed his condolences and admiration for Tim upon his passing. Schilling highlighted Tim’s dedication to the game and his role as a mentor to younger players.

Wrapping Up

So to conclude, Miss Stacy Stover, a great Author of time has passed, whose loss is burdening our hearts. She wrote multiple amazing literary works which include Echoes of the Past, Whispers in the Wind, The Lasting Echo, and many more. This work will always light up in our hearts. 

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