6 awesome networking hacks every introvert must know!

6 awesome networking hacks every introvert must know!

Statistics show that over 80% of professionals believe networking is important for career success. To build valuable connections and pursue new opportunities and growth, you must overcome your introversion and invest your energy in networking and socializing.

So, let’s learn a few ways how you can make that happen!

1. Try out online networking

Most introverts feel overwhelmed with in-person networking. To counter that, try online networking using professional social media platforms.

Look up people in your field and industry and connect with them. You won’t have to mention much about yourself, as they can check the details on your profile. Actively engage with them through common interests and build rapport with professionals.

Drop them interesting and relevant news. If the other person accomplished something recently, eagerly ask open-ended questions about their journey. This way, they’ll remember you even if they haven’t met you yet.

2. Meet people one-on-one

Once you get the hang of connecting online, arrange a one-on-one meeting in a public space. This will help you warm up to face-to-face meetings. You will feel more comfortable facing large conferences and speaking engagements with time.

Choose any contact with whom you have already built a nice rapport online. Invite them for coffee or lunch and discuss relevant matters with them.

Continue meeting new people until you get used to it. If you are introverted, you may feel uncomfortable asking others out. But don’t let such thoughts prevent you—remember, practice makes perfect!

3. Prepare well before larger events

If you’re invited to or plan to join big networking events, remember these key tips:

a. Research ahead of time

Research the event in detail to overcome the anxiety of networking. Learn about the attendees, speakers, and topics of discussion.

Learn some icebreakers and prepare relevant stories to keep conversations flowing. If you want to talk to specific people, list interesting questions to show your enthusiasm for knowing them.

Plan your outfit, schedule, transportation, and exit strategy for the day. This will help you avoid or minimize unwanted surprises.

b. Buy enough business cards

At big events, so many people mingle together that it’s impossible to remember everyone individually. To ensure people remember you, buy plenty of business cards. After all, you don’t want to run out of it and then meet a big shot.

A great way to never run out of business cards is to buy a digital one. To do this, you must tap your card against their phones, and all the information will be transferred to the recipient’s phone.

c. Get a networking partner

Whether a co-worker or someone you connected with online, invite them along with you to this event. They can also help you during group conversations and support you whenever you’re anxious.

Choose a person who understands your troubles and can cover for your shortcomings. This will ensure a smoother overall experience.

4. Be mindful of your body language

Being an introvert, it’s difficult for you to attend events. However, ensure your feelings don’t show up in your body language or facial expressions.

  • Be aware and mindful of these non-verbal cues. Some tips are:
  • Relax your facial muscles and smile warmly.
  • Avoid crossing your arms or legs. They show disinterest in the other person.
  • Extend your arm for a handshake first to show enthusiasm.
  • Act like yourself. A fake personality will put off people.

These will send positive signals to others and make them more interested in connecting with you.

5. Take breaks

You may struggle to keep up with everyone, so take a 10-minute break every hour. If there’s space, you can walk outdoors or sit in a bathroom stall with noise-cancellation earphones plugged in.

Remember to take regular breaks even before you feel burnt out. This will recharge you enough to keep going.

6. Never forget to follow up

Once the event is over, follow up with your new contacts. To show support, send them a personalized thank you message along with valuable feedback or relevant recommendations. You can also follow them on social media platforms and try to stay connected with them.


Feeling overwhelmed during networking events is normal for introverts. However, if you follow these hacks and learn to regulate your emotions, you’ll overcome the issue quickly!

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