brooklyn bus map

Brooklyn Bus Map

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) operates over 50 local bus routes in Brooklyn, most of which originated from old streetcar lines. The remaining routes were introduced as new bus routes in the 1930s or later.

Brooklyn’s public bus network covers the entire borough and provides daily express bus service into Manhattan as well.

Yellow cabs also offer transportation options in Brooklyn, though less numerous than in other boroughs.

Major Bus Routes & Services

  • Some of the major local bus routes include the B41, B44, B46, and B82 among others. Express routes are denoted by an ‘X’ prefix.
  • Select Bus Service (SBS) routes feature bus rapid transit elements like off-board fare payment, dedicated bus lanes, and traffic signal priority. There are currently 12 SBS routes citywide.
  • A major MTA initiative underway is the comprehensive redesign of the entire Brooklyn bus network, including local, SBS, and express routes.

Key Bus Infrastructure

  • Most buses are 40-45 ft long diesel-powered coaches from manufacturers like Motor Coach Industries and Prevost.
  • Bus routes utilize major corridors like Flatbush Ave, Fulton St, and Atlantic Ave, among others highlighted in the study area map.
  • Bus stops and stations provide essential access points across Brooklyn neighborhoods.
brooklyn bus map

Most Popular Bus Routes in Brooklyn

  1. B44 Local/Select Bus Service (SBS)
    The B44 route along Nostrand Ave and Bedford Ave is consistently ranked among the top 5 busiest routes in New York City. Over 44,000 riders use the B44 daily, making it the busiest route in Brooklyn. The B44 was also selected for conversion to Select Bus Service (SBS) in 2016 to improve travel speeds and reliability.
  2. B35
    The B35 route serves over 35,000 riders per day, connecting Sunset Park with Brownsville. It ranked among the top 10 busiest routes in both 2020 and 2021.
  3. B82 Local/SBS
    The B82 route serves over 28,000 passengers daily between Coney Island and Spring Creek. It was also converted to SBS in 2018 to provide faster service. The B82 ranked as the 8th busiest citywide in 2021.

Other notable busy routes include the B41 route between Downtown Brooklyn and Marine Park, which readers voted as a top candidate for a fare-free pilot, and the B46 Utica Ave route which also has SBS service. Crosstown routes like the B35 and B82 connect key neighborhoods and job centers, while routes like the B44 and B46 directly serve high-ridership corridors.

Ridership of the b82 bus route in Brooklyn

  1. The B82 bus route serves over 28,000 daily riders on average (as of 2018). This includes both the B82 Select Bus Service (SBS) and B82 local services.
  2. Before the launch of the SBS service in 2018, the B82 Limited bus had 32,000 daily riders (as of 2017).
  3. Ridership on the B82 declined in 2020, as it did across the entire MTA bus and subway network due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  4. The B82 SBS began operation on October 1, 2018, replacing the previous B82 Limited service.

So in summary, the B82 currently serves over 28,000 riders per day, after having over 32,000 daily riders prior to the conversion to SBS service.

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