Who Is Jessica Esoterica? Is She Dead Or Alive? – Read Full Biography

As her fans designated her, Jessica Esoterica has a captive following on social media and radio that spans several nations, including Peru, Argentina, Mexico, and Venezuela, to name a few.

Along with its connections on TikTok, where they have amassed millions of views for their short films and their very unique way of engaging with viewers, the program “Jéssica En Vivo” on Radio Esotérica 69.9 FM became an actual hit through her daily connections with people in that restriction that kept us all at home in uncertain circumstances.

Basic Details About Jessica Esoterica: 

Biography Of Jessica Esoterica: 

Birth Area: 

Francisco Gastélum was born in Mazatlán, Sinaloa. From his earliest thoughts, he felt unique. Ultimately, life would hold numerous surprises for him, turning him into the person who would create Jessica, a wonderful character who would play a significant role in his life. 

The Struggles Of Jessica In Childhood: 

At the age of ten, he fled to the border in search of a better existence and a brighter future. Even at an early age, he distinguished himself by really pursuing his livelihood, beginning as a fresh start in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, where he labored in a variety of jobs to advance.

He had a difficult existence on the border, filled with abuse and servitude.

His life on the border was difficult, full of exploitation and maltreatment, devoid of childhood, and driven by a need to succeed. 

Jessica Predicting Life Of Her Coworkers: 

But it was also there that he started to grow and experience that unique phenomenon that set him apart from the others. For example, he started predicting her own mother’s mortality and telling his fellow workers what would happen during events they would encounter in their daily lives.

The Very First Event Of Jessica’s Life: 

Even while his initial encounter with the paranormal was a powerful event that defined his journey, it also signaled the emergence of a route that would ultimately determine how and when it would express itself.

Her narrative would now take place in the city of Alamo, Texas, where Jessica settled down and began composing her imagination and predictions, following a series of events on the border. 

First Public Debut: 

She made her public debut in the 1990s with her show “Jessica en vivo” on traditional radio, winning over the listeners’ affection. She also made a lot of appearances in newspapers as well as television shows during that time, with “Escándalo TV” standing out among them.

Jéssica developed a reputation for herself and a devoted following that has maintained her in an unforgettable spot since those early days. She was always seeing scenarios and personalities in the future.

In The Pandemic Era Of 2019: 

The worldwide pandemic that befell our nation also brought about a remarkable surge in social media usage. It started as a Facebook phenomenon, where viewers yearningly developed a kind of emotional and spiritual counseling through the platform’s connections, hoping Jessica would select a name at random and thus begin that enchanted relationship. Gradually, the videos also attracted attention on Instagram, where fans reposted them.

Jessica’s Claim About Her Past Self, Francisco Gastelum: 

What better way to express the love that thousands of people have for Jéssica than to claim that she is Francisco Gastelum’s soulmate, with whom he exchanges his innermost sentiments, lessons learned, and sorrows? Francisco’s suffering gave rise to Jessica’s insurrection, safety, endurance, and authority; however, without Francisco’s kind heart, inner child, and good soul, neither Jessica nor Francisco would exist today. As a result, they both live happily for one another.

Early Life And Career: 


Regarding her private life, Jessica Esotérica’s marital status and possible partner are unknown to the public. She became well-known in the esoteric world and acquired a devoted following that included people from Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, and Argentina. Millions of people saw her TikTok conversations.


She was more than simply a typical internet personality—she was exceptional. Although she doesn’t own a Wikipedia page, she has a sizable social media following because she has a profound spiritual connection with her followers.

News About The Death Of Jessica Esoterica: 

The official website of Jessica Esoterica claimed on 12th September 2023, that the news regarding the death of Jessica Esoterica was false. Furthermore, they said;

“We would like to notify you that the rumors that Jessica Esotérica has passed away are untrue. She is now recuperating following a surgical treatment that was done in Miami yesterday, Monday, September 11, 2023.

Our community and her fans are aware that she oversees her social networks; we have been able to verify that they have been accessed (hacked) and that Jessica does not currently have control over them; this issue has been reported previously and is being addressed. Yesterday, news emerged that quickly became a trend on social media platforms as a result of some publications puzzling their readership.

Jessica is safe and recovering fully, according to our conversation just now.”

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to Jessica Esoterica with their brief answers: 

  1. Where can I connect with Jessica Esoterica? 

You can follow Jessica Esoterica on social media platforms. Her public social media handles are as follows: 

  • Instagram: @jessicaesotericakc 
  • Tiktok: jessicaesotericakc
  • Facebook group: Francisco Gastelum 69.9FM Radio Esoterica Musical La diva de la radio 
  • Youtube: @jessicaesoterica
  1. Did Jessica get married? 

Jessica was a transgender woman who appeared to be unmarried since she avoided disclosing any details about her spouse or marriage on social media platforms. She was more aware of her profession and other work-related tasks and more focused. Furthermore, she has kept her personal and professional lives in the media entirely apart. 

  1. What is Jessica’s estimated net worth? 

Because of her work as a social media star, YouTuber, content developer, and public authority figure, Jesica is said to be worth around $500,000. 

She allegedly made between $1.2k and $19.3k a year with 129k subscribers on her YouTube channel. 

Also, she made a respectable living from sponsorships, promotions, and businesses. She could thus afford to live a luxurious lifestyle thanks to her earnings. 

Bottom line: 

Jessica Esoterica is a transgender woman who is living his life with passion and strength. Her life before was full of hardships, but she learned with time. And now, she is ruling the hearts of millions! 

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