final fantasy 1 map

Final Fantasy 1 Map

The original Final Fantasy (1987) featured one of the largest and most expansive world maps for a console RPG at the time.

The world map connects various towns, dungeons, castles, caves, islands, and other locations for the player to explore.

There are separate maps available for the overworld, towns, dungeons, castles, caves, and more locations.

World Map

  • The full world map is very large with many locations labeled and color-coded.
  • It features all the continents and islands that make up the game world.
  • Locations include towns like Cornelia, Pravoka, and Elfheim; dungeons like the Marsh Cave, and Earth Cave; and castles like Castle Cornelia.

Town Maps

  • Detailed maps are available for major towns like Cornelia, Pravoka, Elfheim, Melmond, and more.
  • These show all the buildings, shops, and inns that can be explored.

Dungeon/Cave Maps

  • There are maps documenting the layout and floors of dungeons like the Marsh Cave, Earth Cave, and Ice Cave.
  • These are essential for navigating the dungeons’ twisting passages and multiple floors.
  • Important treasures, transporters, ladders, and more are marked on the maps.

Castle Maps

  • Maps detail the floor layouts of castles like Castle Cornelia, Castle Elf, and Castle of Ordeal.
  • These indicate locations of treasures, enemies, and connections between floors via ladders/transporters.

Hidden features or easter eggs in Final Fantasy 1 maps

  1. World Map Spell: By pressing Select + B at the same time on the world map, you can bring up an overview world map to see all locations. This spell is hinted at by the brooms in Matoya’s Cave.
  2. Secret Locations: There are a couple of hidden land areas only accessible by ship, like the “Power Peninsula” in the northeast corner of the Pravoka region which has very high-level enemies. And the “Hall of Giants” loop in the Marsh Cave with high-level enemies.
  3. Sliding Puzzle Minigame: Inputting a button combination 55 times allows you to play a hidden sliding puzzle game and earn free money when you beat your high score.
  4. Developer Rooms: Some releases have hidden developer test rooms, like the one found behind a waterfall in the Dawn of Souls version.
  5. Character Cameos: The elf village in the Switch version features NPCs that look like Link from the Zelda series as an Easter egg.
  6. Other Secrets: There are hints that some features like the difficult WarMECH enemy encounter may have originally been bugs. And there are cheat codes that allow things like instant defeat of the final boss Tiamat.

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