Checking Out Mg Midgets: Extend Their Lives with STP Oil Filters

Checking Out Mg Midgets: Extend Their Lives with STP Oil Filters

There are a lot of really unique car designs lost to the public memory but preserved by car enthusiasts with the time to spend on restoration. One notable entry into that catalog is the MG Midget, a small sports coupe made in the 1960s and 1970s that competed in the same niche as the Mini Cooper. If you have one of these gems and you want to extend its useful life, there are good reasons to opt for STP oil filters over an economy model.

Brand Integrity and Reputation

STP is one of the best-known names in the automotive industry, providing oil and other fluid treatments as well as parts like oil filters. The abbreviation originally stood for Scientifically Tested Petroleum when the company was founded in 1953. It was later acquired by the Studebaker-Packard corporation and lived to outpace its parent company and eventually, outlive it.

The STP brand has grown into a sign of innovation in the automotive industry, providing starting fluid and fuel treatment options that help clean and protect fuel injection systems alongside its wide array of oil change supplies and accessories. Many fuel line treatments, engine cleaning treatments, and other maintenance-cycle staples were originally STP concepts, and today STP makes an MG midget oil filter that still fits the OEM design.

Oil Cooler Hoses and Other Accessories

While STP oil filters are a staple for MG Midget enthusiasts, they are not the only brand to look at. Your STP filter will work best when the oil that passes through it is within the heat range designers anticipated, but if you have other performance upgrades, the additional power can produce additional heat energy. You can avoid wearing out your oil filter and needing extra engine cleaning cycles by using something like a Dorman engine oil cooler hose to complement your other upgrades.

Tools for Oil Changes on Classic Cars

Today’s oil filter designs primarily fall into four categories, and none of them are the cap type filters that the MG Midget and other classic sports coupes used. Most OEM filters today are cartridge types, with the other styles primarily used by commercial vehicles and custom performance systems. That means you need a cap type oil filter wrench to be able to do the work on your Midget that you would do on your other vehicles.

The key to keeping a classic car alive is having the right parts and tools to do the work as it is. There are conversion kits for things like fuel injection if you are pushing the top end of its performance, but if you are preserving the vehicle as it was originally designed, that means you need the parts and tools that were originally designed for it.

Find Your Next MG Midget Upgrade

Most owners are somewhere between modification for maximum performance and preservation on the philosophical spectrum, and auto parts makers have acknowledged that with their continued support for the vehicle. Start looking for your next MG Midget upgrade today to make the most of this unique little vehicle.

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