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Key Discussion of Crowley Good Omens

  • Originally an angel named Crawly, Crowley fell from Heaven to become a demon.
  • Some fans speculate that Crowley might be Lucifer, though Neil Gaiman has disproved this theory.
  • Witty and cunning, Crowley also displays empathy and kindness, with a hint of sensuality.
  • He’s recognizable by his snake eyes and red hair.
  • Crowley is often seen in a tailored black suit, sunglasses, and stylish accessories.
  • Sporting a distinctive snake tattoo.
  • Crowley drives a sleek 1926 black Bentley.
  • Crowley uses designer sunglasses to hide his serpent-like eyes
  • Crowley possesses supernatural powers like time manipulation, shapeshifting, telekinesis, near-invulnerability, technokinesis, pyrokinesis, and polyglotism.

Crowley Good Omens Background

Crowley, originally Anthony J. Crowley, is a key figure in the Amazon series Good Omens. He began as an angel named Crawly, who famously tempted Eve as the snake in the Garden of Eden which led to his displacement from Heaven. Following his fall, he adopted his demonic nature and picked the name Crowley.

The popularity of Crowley is because he’s both an angel and a demon. Even though he’s a demon, he cares about Earth and its people, especially shown in his bond with the angel Aziraphale.

Crowley brings a unique twist to the typical angel-demon dynamic, that adds a twist to the series. His transformation from a celestial being to a demon and his tales on Earth is central to his fascinating story in Good Omens.

The Crowley Good Omens Theory

Fans of the series Good Omens have come up with an interesting idea called “The Crowley Good Omens Theory.” It suggests that Crowley, the demon played by David Tennant, might actually be Lucifer, the top demon.

This theory comes from clues in the show hinting that Crowley might have been an angel before becoming a demon. In one scene, Crowley and Aziraphale, another character, meet when they are angels working together. However, Crowley never reveals his angel name, leaving fans to wonder.

The theory proposes that after a big fight in Heaven, where Lucifer was a leader, he was kicked out and had his memories erased, making him think he was Crowley. This could explain why Crowley uses a different name and doesn’t remember being an angel.

But the creator of Good Omens, Neil Gaiman, has said this theory isn’t true. He points to a scene where Crowley talks about Lucifer as a separate person, not himself.

Even though the theory isn’t real, it shows how much fans care about the characters in Good Omens and enjoy assuming their stories.

Crowley Good Omens

Crowley Good Omens Personality

Crowley is a demon from Hell and a key character in the show Good Omens. He’s known for his slick style, always dressed in dark clothes and sporting designer sunglasses to hide his snake eyes. Despite his demonic nature, he’s Aziraphale’s closest friend and partner in life.

Driving a vintage Bentley, Crowley suggests he was once an angel who fell from Heaven. He enjoys Earth’s pleasures but is troubled when tasked with starting the end of the world by providing the Antichrist. Deeply caring for humanity, he teams up with Aziraphale to prevent Armageddon.

Crowley believes in manipulating fate to his advantage, but he’s also conflicted about good and evil. He sacrifices his beloved Bentley in his search to stop Armageddon, learning that everyone, even angels and demons, has both good and evil within them.

His personality type is ENTP, characterized by inventiveness, enthusiasm, strategic thinking, outgoing nature, and ambition.

Crowley’s Good Omens Outfits

Crowley, the demon from Good Omens, has a sharp and distinctive style. He’s often seen in a sleek black suit paired with a crisp white shirt, mixing modern and vintage elements. His style is described as Goth-like and snake-inspired, so reflects Crowley’s appearance.

Crowley Good Omens Tattoo

Crowley has a unique tattoo on the side of his face, which shows his name. This tattoo adds to his demonic persona and contributes to his memorable appearance, particularly when he signs for the Antichrist baby.

Crowley Good Omens Car

In the Amazon series Good Omens, Crowley rolls around in a 1933 Bentley, while in the books, it’s a 1926 model. But this car is more than just transportation which adds thrill to many important moments.

Crowley Good OmensGlasses

To hide his snake eyes, Crowley wears designer sunglasses. He’s seen sporting two different pairs during the series: the futuristic Valentino VA2003 Sunglasses and classic round Wayfarer-style Persol PO3166S. These glasses are essential accessories for Crowley’s personality.

Age of Crowley

Crowley is an immortal demon who has roamed Earth for over 6,000 years. Originally an angel named Crawly, he fell from Heaven after tempting Eve in the Garden of Eden. This backstory explains his longevity and experiences throughout history.

Crowley’s Powers and Abilities

Crowley is a fascinating character from the Amazon series Good Omens. Here’s a brief description of his powers and abilities:

Time Manipulation

Crowley can freeze humans in place and even stop time altogether, as seen when he and Aziraphale need to talk to Adam during a critical moment.


He can transform into a massive black and red snake or adopt snakelike features while in his “human” form.


While not directly mentioned, Crowley is capable of performing demonic miracles that bend reality, hinting at telekinetic abilities.


He’s highly resistant to harm, surviving what would kill most humans. However, Holy Water can harm him, and destroying his body can temporarily banish him.


Though not explicitly stated, Crowley is adept at manipulating situations to his advantage, showing a form of techno-kinetic skill.


There is a sign of Crowley’s ability to perform demonic miracles which shows he may possess the power to control fire.


While not confirmed, Crowley’s ancient existence and interactions across cultures suggest he likely knows multiple languages.

Lady Glitter Sparkles also possesses many unique powers and charms which made King Gristle Jr fall for her.

Crowley Good Omens

Good Omens Season 2 Cast and Character

Based on Neil Gaiman’s and Terry Pratchett’s novel, Good Omens Season 2 continues the story of characters involved in preventing or bringing about Armageddon. Initially planned as a limited series, it was renewed for a second season by Prime Video in June 2021. Here’s the cast for Good Omens Season 2:

  • Michael Sheen plays Aziraphale, an angel representing Heaven.
  • David Tennant portrays Crowley, a demon representing Hell.
  • Jon Hamm joins as Archangel Gabriel, Aziraphale’s superior.
  • Doon Mackichan appears as Archangel Michael, supporting Heaven staunchly.
  • Gloria Obianyo debuts as Uriel, a calm associate of Archangel Michael.
  • Miranda Richardson plays Shax, a demon replacing Crowley in Hell.
  • Maggie Service portrays a new character introduced in Season 2.
  • Nina Sosanya plays Nina, a coffee shop owner near Aziraphale’s bookstore.
  • Shelley Conn takes over the role of Beelzebub from Anna Maxwell Martin.

FAQs About Crowley Good Omens

Crowley and Aziraphale have a special bond that goes beyond their angel and demon labels.

Crowley was originally a low-ranking angel who did not so much Fall as Saunter Vaguely Downwards.

Crowley possesses several supernatural abilities, including time manipulation, shapeshifting, and telekinesis.

One of Crowley’s most memorable quotes is,

“I didn’t so much fall as saunter vaguely downwards.”

Wrapping Up

Crowley, a key character in Good Omens, is a demon with a unique flair and personality. Despite being from Hell, he has a soft spot for Earth and its people. His special powers and style make him mesmerizing. His bond with Aziraphale, an angel, adds depth to his character. The theories about his identity make him even more interesting as fans are too waiting for his character to evolve. 

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