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How Do I Keep My Fine Jewelry Looking Its Best?

Everyone hopes that their jewelry will endure for the rest of their lives. The necklace passed through your mother could be handed down to your children, grandchildren, or grandchildren to come. Family heirlooms could be an opportunity to link generations as they provide an actual representation of your love in the common. Many times these pieces even have stores associated with where they came from. But when you wear that jewelry, you want it to look brand new. And you don’t want valuable pieces to get broken, either. If you’re seeking to preserve and celebrate love in a tangible form, consider a First Wedding Anniversary Gift that embodies the sentimentality and endurance of cherished jewelry.

The key is maintaining the quality of your jewelry to ensure it can last for longer than you think it will. The type of jewelry you own, there are various ways to care for it. These range from quick home cleanings to professional maintenance.

What is Considered Fine Jewelry?

To begin, what do you need to know to determine the quality of what you’ve got can be considered premium jewelry? If you’re uncertain about the item you’re seeking There are several possibilities to determine. There are two kinds of jewelry, fashionable jewelry (also known as costume jewelry) in addition to the most expensive type which is called jewelry.

Fashion jewelry is usually made of metals that are base, like brass, copper, or aluminum. The bands can be covered by using gold or silver. The stones in these pieces of jewelry are usually imitation stones, like cubic zirconia. They’re not as long-lasting as they can crack and evidently tarnished.

But, the creation of fine jewelry is possible with platinum, palladium, and silver. Gemstones that are semi-precious as well as precious like rubies, diamonds garnets citrines, and sapphires may be made into jewelry. If properly maintained and taken care of when the piece has completed the jewelry made of high-quality product is stronger than the fashion jewellery. It is also repairable in the event of a break. Although it is more costly, high-end jewelry will be more valuable and lasts longer.

The fine jewelry is usually registered and has papers to show it. If you aren’t sure, go to an appraiser or evaluation. The jeweler will tell you the materials they’ve used and the value of it.

Best Jewelry Cleaning Methods

It is suggested that you bring your jewelry in for cleaning every 6 months, or at the very least every year, depending on the materials that you use and how frequently you use it. Following cleaning There are ways that you will extend the longevity of the jewelry.

  1. Clean your jewelry using an absorbent cloth to get rid of the oils. It is especially important for pearls which you need to be sure to wipe clean whenever you take them off.
  2. Remove jewelry prior to taking a shower or going swimming.
  3. Remove rings prior to washing your hands, or placing on lotion or cosmetics.
  4. Put on perfume prior to putting on your necklaces, bracelets, as well as earrings.

If you abide by these rules, you will be able to protect your jewelry from the damage resulting from the oil that is absorbed by your skin as well as from chemicals found in common products such as shampoo, lotion as well as perfume.

Based on the kind of jewelry you own, there are a number of options to do at-home cleaning is a great way to maintain jewelry between professional cleans. A majority of the methods are straightforward and require only a handful of things including polishing, dish soap as well as microfiber cloths. Kits for cleaning jewelry are accessible for purchase.

Cleaning Solutions 101


To remove silver jewelry from its tarnish, it’s best to use a polish. It will get rid of the tarnish while leaving an extra layer of protection on the surface of the metal. Polish is available in paste or liquid which can, however, be somewhat messy. Additionally, you can get wipes as well as reusable cleaning cloths to make the task easier and reduce the amount of mess. These clothes typically come with two sides for cleaning, as well as one that shines.

It is possible to use dish soap baking soda or toothpaste, to wash silver, in the event of a need. These are best used to be used in emergencies, and should only not be utilized frequently, since they may damage your silver over the course of.


For cleaning any jewelry made of gold that you own, from white gold up to rose gold you just require a couple of household supplies.

  1. Dish soap
  2. Small strainer
  3. Soft microfiber cloths
  4. Soft bristle toothbrush

Mix together a solution consisting of warm and dishwashing soap (you could also add seltzer water if your piece contains semi-precious or precious stones) and then soak the jewelry for up to five minutes. Clean the dirt by using a toothbrush and then wash the jewelry using water. It is possible to dry it by using a tissue or a soft cloth.

If you are in a hurry, a jewelry-cleaning wand is able to remove most of the jewelry quickly.


Particular considerations apply to jewelry made of pearls or similar porous stones. If you are cleaning pearls, it’s essential that you do not let them submerge. They’ll absorb water, as they weaken and break. Due to their porous nature, they can hold dirt and dust.

Cleansing kits and cleaners are readily available to are great for cleaning the turquoise, pearls, and opals. If you prefer to tackle household objects make a mixture of mild shampoo and warm water. Place the pearls on the clean cloth. use a makeup brush to dip in the solution, then carefully wipe it across the pearls. Do not apply excessive pressure otherwise, you may cause damage to the pearls. Use a moist cloth and gently wash the pearls. Let them dry, or allow them to dry in the air on a flat surface, so the sting doesn’t stretch out.

Cleaning Methods to Avoid

As these jewelry pieces can be expensive, and extremely delicate, it is important to ensure that you’re employing the appropriate techniques for cleaning the jewelry.

One of the biggest mistakes is using harmful chemicals in cleaners. The lemon juice and alcohol appear to be good choices but cause more harm than good. They can harm soft stones such as the opals and pearls as well as the emeralds. Denatured alcohol can be utilized to cleanse diamonds, but it isn’t recommended for other gemstones. As we have already discussed, is an effective cleaning agent for emergencies, but it can result in lasting damage. Therefore, it’s not recommended to use toothpaste for cleaning jewelry when better solutions are in place.

Be sure to double-check your method for cleaning the metal or gemstones on your jewelry in order to ensure that you don’t cause long-term harm.

Jewelry Repair

Repair services for jewelry can be life-saving. A lot of precious pieces of jewelry are able to be handed down through generations and be worn with pride however they will require some repair before they can be worn. There are many fixes that repair service providers can do:

  1. Chain repair
  2. Clasp substitute
  3. Stone replacement
  4. Ring resizing
  5. Replacement or re-tipping for the prong
  6. Replacement for the ring head/setting
  7. Ring stone setting/tightening the stone
  8. Cleaning and polishing
  9. Pearl Ringing

Repair service providers will also check items for damage that may be more. Be sure to keep track of repairs and maintenance so that your precious jewelry lasts for many years.

Maintaining Your Fine Jewelry

The value of your precious jewelry is innumerable and is likely to be passed on to future generations. So, it’s important to keep it maintained correctly. This could include a simple wash each time you put it on or even a periodic deep clean at your home. Each piece must be brought to a jeweler at least every six and a year for professional cleaning so that it looks at its finest.

Remember, with every item, there are some excellent cleaning techniques Some good ones as well as some that aren’t. Make sure to research the particular piece prior to cleaning so that you don’t harm the jewelry in the process.

We’re here to help you out if you need help!

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