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In the world of YouTube and car makeovers, there’s one name you can’t miss: Robby Layton. He’s all about cars and loves sharing his know-how with everyone. Born on March 31, 1989, in Ephraim, Utah, Robby Layton age 35 years old, and has gained lots of fans on his YouTube channel. Many of you must be curious to know the hidden facts of Robby, for which we have provided a detailed article.  

robby layton age

Robby Layton Age and Biography

Robby is a famous YouTube content creator who has gathered a wide audience with his quality car videos. Below is the personal information about him. 

  • Age

Robby Layton, born in 1989, is currently 35 years old. His age reflects his experience and the wisdom he has gathered over the years, both of which contribute to his success.

  • Weight and Height

Layton is 5 feet 9 inches tall. His height shows how strong and tough he is, which you can see in his work and how he faces life.

  • Birth Sign

Layton was born as an Aries, and he really fits the characteristics of this zodiac sign. Aries is known for being passionate, motivated, and confident, and you can see all of these qualities in Layton’s work and how he lives his life.

  • Wife

Layton’s partner in life is Demri Kay Layton. Her support and being by his side have been very important in Layton’s journey. She helps him stay emotionally balanced and fulfilled, which adds to his overall success.

Robby Layton Career

Robby Layton has a cool career mixing business, teaching, and making videos. He owns Layton Autobody in Ephraim, Utah, where they fix up cars and make them look awesome. His team helps a lot with fixing and painting the cars.

But his work isn’t just local but a big deal on YouTube, with lots of people following his channel. He posts videos about rescuing cars, fixing them up, and having fun along the way. People love watching his videos, and they’ve been viewed millions of times.

Besides fixing cars and making videos, Layton is also into teaching. He studied a lot, getting Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Landscape Architecture, and even a Ph.D. in Design. He’s taught at different universities like the University of Colorado-Denver, North Carolina State University, and Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Layton’s career shows how much he loves cars, how he likes sharing what he knows, and how hard he works. His journey from a small town to a successful businessman, popular YouTuber, and teacher is really impressive.

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robby layton age

Robby Layton Popular Videos

Robby Layton’s YouTube channel has lots of fun and useful videos. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Work Continues Building Custom Racing Seats For SECRET Off-Road Bus

This video got 119K views in just one day. It shows the team working on special racing seats for a secret off-road bus project.

  • I Flew 2000 Miles To Florida And Raced With My Friends

Layton shares his cool trip to Florida to race with his pals. This video got 140K views.

  • The “Boss” Starts Body Work on Her Burn-Out Car

“The Boss” gets to work on her burnout car in this video, which has 225K views.

  • Converting 1969 Dodge Delivery Into Ultimate 4×4 Off-Road Machine! Will It Start?

Watch as Layton transforms a 1969 Dodge Delivery into an awesome off-road machine. This video got 252K views.

  • This Isn’t Our Normal Video

Layton tried something different in this video, and it got 290K views.

  • My $100,000 Jeep Build Ready For The Off-Road Games

Layton shows off his amazing $100,000 Jeep build, ready for some off-road action. This video got 271K views.

  • We Fixed The World’s Smallest Car

Layton and his team tackle the challenge of fixing the world’s smallest car in this video, which has 354K views.

Robby Layton Team

At Layton Autobody, Robby Layton works with a group of people who love cars as much as he does. Robby introduced his team in a video in January 2022. He showed off the equipment they use and even explained why some of them have nicknames. The team at Layton Autobody does a great job fixing and painting cars, and they’re a big reason why the company is so well-known for its high-quality work.

Here’s a bit about some of the team members:

  • Demri: She’s Robby’s wife and works as the shop secretary.
  • Robbie (Hillbilly): He’s a key part of the body shop team and goes by the nickname “Hillbilly.”
  • Tyler (Dinner): He used to be a big part of the team, but he’s no longer with the company.
  • Chris: He’s been working as a bodyman for six months.
  • Cody: With 25 years of experience, Cody knows his stuff.
  • Taylor: Taylor has six years of experience and is really important in the paint shop.

Robby Layton Family

Robby Layton isn’t only good at business and making YouTube videos, but he’s also really focused on his family. He’s married to Demri Layton, who works as a secretary at Layton Autobody. They tied the knot on May 27, 2017.

The Laytons have a lovely daughter named Adlee Kay Layton, born on June 13, 2018. They all live together happily in Ephraim, Utah, and enjoy their time as a close-knit family.

Robby Layton’s Net Worth

Robby Layton makes money from a few different places but his main income comes from his business, Layton Autobody. He also earns money from his YouTube channel, where he has 424K subscribers.

In 2023, some people said Robby Layton’s total worth was about $1.1 million. But in 2024, other sources said it might be around $884.25 thousand. These numbers only count what he makes from one thing, so his total worth might actually be higher when you add in all his other sources of income.

It’s estimated that he earns somewhere between $9.3K and $149K every year. If things go really well, he might make over $397.91 thousand a year.

Robby Layton Quick Information
Contact Email[email protected]
AddressRobby Layton Nation
758 N 50 E
Ephraim, UT 84627
Email AddressView email address
Total Views109,083,633
Joined21 Aug 2013
LocationUnited States
Robby Layton Biography

Wrapping Up

Robby Layton Age is 35, is a car makeover guru from Ephraim, Utah, and is a YouTube sensation with 424K subscribers. Robby is best known for his Aries spirit, he, alongside his wife Demri, leads Layton Autobody. Along with his family, like his daughter Adlee Kay Layton, he’s still making a big impact in the car world. He shows strength, keeps going even when things are tough, and always works hard at what he loves.

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