I Ching Psychics Ancient Chinese Divination for Modern Seekers

Exploring I Ching Psychics: Ancient Chinese Divination for Modern Seekers

The I Ching or Book of Changes is a Chinese divination system with over 3,000 years of history. The timeless insights available through I Ching psychic readings can still be relevant to your life today. Find out more about how psychics interpret the trigram and hexagram figures of the I Ching, what these readings could help you with and where you can get an I Ching Reading.

What Is I Ching Psychics?

Relatively few Western psychics specialize in the I Ching. The readers who use this method can provide unique insight that differs from other divination systems. These psychics will either use yarrow stalks or coins to draw two trigrams, or figures that consist of three lines, that come together to form a six-line hexagram. 

The Book of Changes describes the meaning of 64 hexagrams that usually consist of a combination of broken and unbroken lines. Broken lines are associated with the negative principle of ying, while unbroken lines are associated with the positive principle of yang. The terms “negative” and “positive” refer to the energetic qualities of a situation and do not simply mean bad or good.

What Can I Ching Psychics Help With?

Psychics who specialize in the I Ching can offer insight into a wide range of inquiries. This divination method accounts for the complex and shifting forces that shape situations and might not provide straightforward yes or no answers. The way that a reader interprets a hexagram could provide a more definitive response.

You can get psychic readings online with the I Ching about your career or relationships. The origins of this system in the Zhou Dynasty, which ruled China from 1046 B.C.E. through 256 B.C.E., mean that many descriptions refer to the dispositions of rulers towards a querent. Modern psychics tend to interpret these forces as broader energetic tendencies.

What Do I Ching Readings Involve?

Traditional I Ching readings involve casting 50 wooden sticks. A reader starts by removing a single observer stalk before dividing the sticks into piles and drawing from the piles. Contemporary I Ching readings usually involve tossing three coins. 

The outcomes of tails or heads in a succession of coin tosses corresponds to broken or unbroken lines in hexagrams, which are drawn from the bottom to the top of a figure. After drawing a six-line hexagram, a psychic will reference the Book of Changes to interpret the figure with regard to your query.

Where Can You Get an I Ching Reading?

As not many Western psychic readers specialize in the I Ching, you might have a difficult time finding a reader near you who uses this method. Look up psychics who do I Ching readings online, where you can refer to ratings and check reviews to select a skilled reader. You might also be able to use a California Psychics promo for an I Ching reading.

Today, you can get an I Ching reading over the phone or online. The ability to connect with readers who specialize in this system regardless of location makes it easier to gain insight from the I Ching.

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