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Fifth Generation Farmer Laura Carlson

Laura Carlson, also known as Laura Farms, is a 22-year-old farmer from Hamilton County, Nebraska. She’s part of a long line of farmers, tracing her family’s roots back to Sweden in 1910 when they settled in Nebraska and started Carlson Farms.

Her family started with crops and used John Deere tractors to help with planting in neat rows for easier irrigation. Over time, they expanded to include hogs and cattle. By the time Laura was a teenager, Carlson Farms was a big operation, dealing with crops, pigs, and dairy.

Laura’s love for farming started early. She got involved at 13, working with her grandfather and father on the farm and even starting her own cow herd. Later, she took a break to study Business Administration at Southeast Community College, and pushed out other jobs along the way, but eventually, farming called her back.

Laura farms

In 2020, Laura officially became a full-time farmer under the guidance of her father and grandfather. She started with crops like corn, soybeans, and turnips, along with raising pigs and cows at Carlson Farms. She wanted to branch out on her own but didn’t have the resources.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Laura came up with a smart plan. She began leasing large pieces of land and turning them into successful farms. This marked her journey as a fifth-generation farmer, mixing family tradition with her innovative farming approach.

Before Fame of Laura Farms

Laura Carlson, also called Laura Farms, was born on May 11, 2001. She comes from a family with a long history of farming that goes back to 1910. Her great-great-grandparents moved from Sweden to the United States and started farming in Nebraska with a couple of John Deere tractors. This was the start of Carlson Farms.

Laura’s love for farming started when she was young. She officially joined the family business at 13, starting her own group of cows. Even though she explored other jobs like data vending and nannying, and even thought about joining the military or becoming a coach, she always came back to farming.

Before she became famous on social media, Laura was just a regular teenager from Nebraska who loved farming. She started her “Laura Farms” YouTube channel just three months ago, sharing her farming journey. It all began with a short video showing the inside of a tractor cab.

Laura worked hard from a young age, and this dedication set the stage for her success as both a farmer and a social media influencer. Her story shows how persistence and love for farming can lead to success.

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Laura Move From Sweden to the USA

The story of Laura Farms begins with her family’s journey from Sweden to the United States. Laura’s ancestors, the Carlsons, left Sweden in the early 1900s, joining many others who were also seeking better lives in America.

Around this time, lots of Swedes were leaving Sweden because there wasn’t enough farmland and too many people. So, for economic reasons, they decided to move to America for more opportunities.

When Laura’s great-great-grandparents arrived in the United States, they settled in Nebraska and started farming. They began with just a few tractors and grew crops like grains. As time went on, they also raised pigs and cows.

This was the beginning of Carlson Farms, where Laura’s family worked hard to build a successful farm. Their brave choice to leave Sweden and start over in America laid the groundwork for future generations like Laura to carry on the farming tradition.

Today, Laura Farms honors the Carlson family’s resilience and hard work, showing how their bold decision to start anew in America shaped their legacy.

What is the Family Life of Laura

Laura comes from a farming family. Her dad, Cale Carlson, is a farmer who also has a YouTube channel called ‘LEAAD Farms’. He named it after Laura and her siblings: Ethan, Amanda, Adam, and David. Laura’s mom, Megan Nelson Carlson, is a farmer too. Laura has four younger siblings: Adam, David, Ethan, and Amanda. They all work together on their farm and show their farming life to others.

  • Laura Farms Wedding

Laura got married to Grant Wilson on December 19, 2020, in Central City, Nebraska. It was a lovely wedding where their families and friends came together to celebrate.

  • Laura Farms Husband

Grant, Laura’s husband, is also a farmer. They both run their farm in Hamilton County, Nebraska, together. They both love farming and share their farming journey with their followers.


Laura Education Background

Laura Carlson, also called Laura Farms, grew up in Marquette, a small village in Hamilton County, Nebraska. She went to school at Nebraska Christian Schools. After finishing high school, Laura went to Southeast Community College in Lincoln, Nebraska. There, she studied Business Administration and Management.

Even though Laura was learning about business, she always loved farming. Even while she was in college, she stayed involved in farming activities and used what she learned about business to help run the farm better.

Laura’s education in Business Administration and Management has been really important for her as a farmer. It gave her the skills she needed to manage her farm well and make smart decisions that helped her farm grow and do well.

Laura Farms’ Farming Practices

Laura Carlson, known as Laura Farms, comes from a long line of farmers stretching back five generations. She mainly grows crops like corn and soybeans in Nebraska, USA. Laura began farming full-time in 2020.

Laura uses a mix of old and new farming methods. She uses John Deere tractors to prepare fields and plant crops in rows, which helps with watering them. This method saves water and nutrients, so her crops grow better.

Alongside traditional methods, Laura also uses modern technology to improve her farming. She uses advanced machinery and new techniques to make her farm more productive and eco-friendly.

Youtube Channel of the Farm Girl

Laura Farms is a famous YouTube channel managed by Laura Carlson. It started in 2020 and now has more than 521,000 subscribers, with 484 videos. On this channel, you can find vlog-style videos showing what farm life is like, as well as demos of equipment, collaborations with other farmers, and outdoor adventures.

Laura talks about lots of different farming topics in her videos. She shares what she does on the farm every day, like growing corn and soybeans. She also shows the machinery she uses, how she takes care of it, and how it helps her with farming.

One of the most-watched videos on her channel is called “The Million Dollar Machine,” which has over 3 million views. In this video, Laura shows the machinery used in modern farming.

Laura Farms Height

Laura Carlson, also known as Laura Farms, is about 5 feet 4 inches tall, which is around 162 centimeters. She stays at a steady weight as a farmer, and some say she usually weighs about 55 kilograms or 121 pounds.

Laura Farms Net Worth

Laura Carlson, also called Laura Farms, has achieved a lot in her farming and social media journey. In 2024, it’s believed her farm, Laura Farms, is worth about $2,300,000. This includes the value of her farm, machinery, and trucks that she owns with her husband, Grant.

But some other sources say her net worth is around $300,000. These differences in estimates might be because of how they calculate the value or changes in her money and belongings over time.


Laura Farms is located in Hamilton County, Nebraska.

Laura’s real name is Laura Carlson.

Laura and her husband, Grant, live on their farm in Hamilton County.

Laura earns around $10,000 monthly from YouTube advertising revenue.

Laura and Grant saved for their cabin through hard work and smart financial planning.

Laura is married to Grant Wilson.

As of 2024, Laura Farms has an estimated net worth of $2,300,000.

Laura shares farming tips and best practices on her YouTube channel, “Laura Farms.”

Wrapping Up

Laura Carlson, also known as Laura Farms, comes from a long line of farmers in Hamilton County, Nebraska. She’s the fifth generation in her family to farm there. Her journey from a farm-loving girl to a successful farmer and YouTube personality is inspiring. Even though she’s achieved a lot, Laura stays down-to-earth and keeps sharing her farming life with everyone.

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